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Brownstone, Carrie Bradshaw Style: Tour a Bushwick Three Bedroom

Posted by Franki Hanke on Aug 11, 2020
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In an original brownstone building circa 1910, when newly built trolley’s connected Brooklyn to Manhattan, 358 Weirfield Street Unit 3 is a Bushwick three bedroom with the charm of its history and the comfort of our century.

Set the Mood with Built-In Sound System

Bushwick three bedroom


This penthouse unit has ample space for a family with kids or for roommates ready to become the ideal hangout of their entire friend group. No, seriously. Walking inside, you enter the main living space. Four large, west-facing windows pour sunlight into the room while built-in speakers easily set the mood for whatever’s on schedule that night.

Open the windows for a generous breeze or cinch them shut and let the central air cooling keep this entire Bushwick three bedroom crisp. Every room has a unit so everyone’s happy. Plus, remote controls make it easier than ever for someone to sneakily nudge the temperature down a bit more. You know who you are.

Show off with Stainless Steel

Bushwick three bedroom


Attached off the living space, the kitchen features a generous, granite countertop ready for showing off your newly developed quarantine cooking skills once hosting is possible again. This island-style counter functions as a breakfast bar with space for stool seating while the full-size stainless steel stove, dishwasher, microwave, and fridge are all brand-new and top of the line.

Whether they’re used for wowing first dates or burning frozen pizzas is ultimately up to you, but they’ll keep even the most professional amateur chef happy. Plus, ample cabinets leave lots of space for storing the kitchen gadgets you bought impulsively online and then never used. Cough, avocado slicer.

Keep in Clean with In-Unit Washer/Dryer

Bushwick Three Bedroom


Opposite the kitchen, the unit’s private washer and dryer are ready for the sloppy eater’s dinner shirt (or regular laundry, you do you). However often you do it, enjoy doing laundry without rummaging for quarters first or wearing pants.

Continuing down the hallway is the main bathroom. Modern finishing and an open, glass-walled shower give off major hotel bathroom vibes. Subway tiles complete the Pinterest-worthy snap.

Be Bradshaw with Double Closets

Bushwick Three Bedroom


From there, you enter the spacious master bedroom big enough to fit a king-sized bed. Starfish sleepers, rejoice! Opposite the oversized window, the room extends towards the en-suite with two, double-door closets on either wall. Carrie Bradshaw vibes, anyone? Live out your Sex in the City dreams with a outfit-selection montage in natural sunlight.

The attached en-suite features double sinks so there’s no fighting for a spot to brush your teeth in the morning.

Store those Skeletons with Ample Closet SpaceBushwick Three Bedroom


The second bedroom is opposite the master with its own large window and doubled-door closet. As with every room in this Bushwick three bedroom, an air conditioning unit keeps the space perfectly cool even in the peak of summer heat. Whether for a kid’s room or a roommate, the second bedroom has ample closet space.

But the closet space doesn’t stop there. Before heading upstairs, an extra deep hallway closet is ready for storing away whatever doesn’t fit into the plethora of closets in either bedroom.

Soak up the Sun Upstairs

Upstairs could be a third bedroom or an additional living space. Make the upstairs the living room and host dinner parties downstairs or build that home office of your dreams. The space is doused in natural light from oversized windows on one side and glass doors on the other.

Bushwick three bedroomHost & Toast on a Private Rooftop


Those doors lead to the private rooftop area. Continue embracing that Bradshaw lifestyle by serving flirtinis or just sit back and enjoy an uninterrupted view of Brooklyn. The horizon is filled with green trees and waiting for sunsets. Whether to create a yoga space that doesn’t require moving a coffee table or spread out a towel for a line-less tan, no one can judge you here. When it gets too hot, just retreat back into the cool, cool embrace of central aircon.

When it is safe to go out (and you actually want to leave this place), catch the L (at Halsey St. stop just down the road) or the M (under a half mile away at Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave). Or skip the subway entirely and walk to pinball at Bonus Room or tapas at Habanero just a block away. Thursdays and Saturdays, walk 10 minutes to a market for fresh produce. On Thursday’s, find a RiseBoro pop-up farmstand at Bethel Evangelical Church on Cooper Street. On Saturday, visit Ridgewood Youthmarket on Cypress Ave. to stock up on ingredients.

Interested in this Bushwick Three Bedroom? 

In the ongoing re-opening process following the coronavirus outbreak, we continue to follow strict guidelines for health and safety. We are still conducting virtual tours, and our Instagram is blowing up with apartment walk-throughs, so you can find home even without leaving it.

To learn more about 358 Weirfield Street, Bushwick three bedroom, contact Brooklyn Rents. We’re here to find home.

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