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Delight in the Details: Tour an Ocean Hill Three Bedroom 

Posted by Franki Hanke on Jun 26, 2020
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Just as the devil’s in the detail, so too is the joy. Upgrades and customization in each part of a home elevate the space from nice to I’m-not-leaving. With our new Ocean Hill three bedroom apartment at 481 Chauncey Street, we gut-renovated the property, upgrading and replacing every piece while maintaining the original charm.

Sunlit living space at our Ocean Hill three bedroom at 481 Chauncey St. in Brooklyn, New York.

Hardwood Floors, Everywhere

What is more subtle, yet important as floors? Hardwood floors throughout this Ocean Hill three bedroom are modern, but warm. Balanced against fresh, white walls, the space is bright and airy as natural light pours in through numerous windows.

All three full-size bedrooms have the same natural light, begging for a green thumb to fill them with accent plants. Propagation station, anyone?

Never Mind Deserted, I’ll Take Marble

With a chef’s kitchen and stainless steel appliances, the kitchen is begging to be used for more than staging a delivery pizza. The dishwasher sweetens the pop, but the marble island puts it over the top with ample storage and the perfect backdrop to action shots.

Cue the cooking time lapse or dessert flat lays. This kitchen is ready for a wannabee food blogger. Step one, pour a Boozy Watermelon Granita. Seriously, a fancy slushie with booze? It’s summer in a glass. Long Island local Gina knows what she’s doing here.

Take It OutsidePrivate garden space at our new Ocean Hill Three Bedroom at 481 Chauncey St. Brooklyn, New York.

To enhance the experience of a summer drink, the obvious choice is to take that thing outside. In this Ocean Hill three bedroom, the private, fenced garden is halfway to becoming the hot spot for late afternoon tans and White Claws alike.

The only thing better for improving an outdoor hang-out than booze is babies! Fur babies, that is. As one of many pet-friendly properties, this garden is perfect for Fido.

Take It Back Now Y’AllOne of the bedrooms in our Ocean Hill three bedroom apartment at 481 Chauncey St in Brooklyn, New York.

On inside-days,  the living room is spacious enough for separate seating and dining areas with its own serving of natural light from the transom window above one bedroom door. An architectural anachronism, transom windows originated in the late 1800s as a way to circulate light and air, pre-air conditioning, when doors were closed.

Now, this transom window lets light pour in from the bedroom windows to fill the interior living space, whether the bedroom doors are closed or not. The attached bedroom features another historic accent, the original brick wall that contrasts to the soft texture of the bed beneath. Coupled with the amount of light, the room begs to be the site of morning coffee photoshoots.

Modern tile and marble bathroom coupled with bluetooth surround sound make this Brooklyn apartment the best for morning routines.

It’s the Little Things

Every little detail, from historic originals to upgraded modernities, improves the everyday experience. What’s more everyday than bathrooms, laundry, and the soundtrack over them both?

With two bathrooms in tile and marble and Bluetooth surround sound, the apartment is perfect for an energizing morning routine. Run that wake-up playlist and step into the open, glass walled shower to kick start the day.

When it’s time to source clean pants again, the building’s laundry room in the finished basement is a convenient touch to keep chores painless. Top tip: reward a load finished with another granita. Suddenly, laundry is the best day.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The best way to make home more appealing is to leave. Twenty minutes outside surrounded by people, and suddenly home isn’t boring at all. With so many options just outside, it’s easier than ever for a homebody to try something new.

Get anywhere you need with the Chauncey St. subway stop under a quarter mile away with the J and Z lines. Walk to Lady Moo Moo for passion fruit sorbet to beat the heat or Sonora’s Mexican eatery next door to bring the heat instead.

Wherever you stray, return home to the virtual doorman and rest easy knowing all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed in this Ocean Hill three bedroom.

Interested in this Ocean Hill Three Bedroom? 

In the re-opening process following the coronavirus outbreak, we continue to follow strict guidelines for health and safety. We are still conducting virtual tours, and our Instagram is hotter than ever with apartment walk-throughs, so you can find home even without leaving it.

To learn more about 481 Chauncey, Ocean Hill three bedroom, contact Brooklyn Rents. We’re here to find home.

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